Grothouse Butcherblocks and Wood Counters featured in The Countertop Book

The Countertop BookGrothouse butcher blocks and wood counters were included in the recently published Countertop Book, written by Mary Anne Piccirillo and published by Schiffer publishing. The book, which is a resource for individuals researching various countertop options, features a wide range of wood counters manufactured by Grothouse.

Grothouse unveils new line of solid wood tables at KBIS 2010

February 1, 2010 (Germansville, PA) — Grothouse, a premier manufacturer of custom-built wood counters, is proud to unveil the Paul Grothouse Collection of solid wood tables and food preparation butcher block tables. The heirloom-quality tables will be marketed under the Paul Grothouse name and will be available to the trade in early spring 2010.

The Collection includes three distinct classes of custom tables: The Infinite customizable series; The Tavolo dining series; and the Taglio series of kitchen preparation tables. Each table is built by hand using solid wood components, resulting in individually-crafted legacy pieces designed to last generations.

“This is a truly unique product line for the design trade,” stated owner Paul Grothouse. “These tables allow designers to create a table that complements an existing design rather than being confined to a stock table design. Their clients are not longer forced to settle for a table that doesn’t fully integrate into a space.”

The Infinite series includes a carefully chosen selection of dining table components assembled to appeal to any design aesthetic. Each table can be configured using a variety of sizes, wood species, base styles, leg styles, apron styles and edge treatments to achieve a truly unique finished product. A fully-illustrated catalog featuring thoughtfully laid-out drawings and design components helps guide designers in the design and selection process.

For those seeking a truly dramatic aesthetic, the Tavolo series of dining tables is composed of uniquely designed selections by Paul Grothouse. With an intentional nod to organic and architectural influences, the pieces are carefully constructed to the customer’s size requirements, using the wood species and finish choices selected by the client. The clean, elegant lines of the tables will add a touch of sophistication to any interior.

The Taglio series of kitchen tables provides a functional work surface cleverly designed in a modern yet classical style. Each piece artfully integrates innovative storage and smart design, breathing fresh style to any chef’s kitchen.

Each table is custom sized and manufactured to the same exacting specifications as the Grothouse line of wood bars, countertops and butcher blocks. All tables are available in a 3-4 week lead time and can be finished with Grothouse’s exclusive Durata® permanent finish or a food-grade oil finish. Custom color stain matching is also available upon request to match existing interior décor or cabinetry.

“Designers have limitless design possibilities with these tables,” explained Grothouse. “They can select from more than 60 wood species, various construction styles, edge profiles and more to design a table that is truly unique to their clients. In addition, this will be a solid wood product meant to last generations, priced competitively with many retail offerings.”

This product line will be sold exclusively through the professional design trade. Grothouse will unveil the complete table collection at Booth S306 at the 2010 Kitchen and Bath Industry Show in Chicago, IL.

Grothouse Completes Installation of Solar Energy System

Grothouse, a premier manufacturer of custom-built wood counters, has completed installation of a solar energy system for their new manufacturing facility in Northwestern Lehigh County. The solar system project, which was designed and installed by Dynamic Solar, LLC of Conshohocken, PA, was completed on December 2, 2009.

The system is composed of 78 fixed photovoltaic solar panels that convert sunlight into electricity. The panels are installed on the Southern-facing roof of Grothouse’s newly-completed eco-friendly manufacturing facility. The facility, which supplements an existing 20,000 square-foot building, will allow Grothouse to increase manufacturing capacity to address growing customer demand.

The building is situated to maximize the amount of sunlight collected by the solar panels throughout the day. The 18.33kW solar system will produce approximately 30% of Grothouse’s annual energy usage.

Grothouse Solar Facility“This project is good for the surrounding community, the environment and our business,” stated owner Paul Grothouse. “We’ve worked to source our raw materials from responsible providers, so it’s only natural for us to implement a system that furthers our commitment to working in conjunction with the environment.”

According to the Mid-Atlantic Renewable Energy Association, the system will reduce Grothouse’s carbon dioxide emissions by 17 tons per year, or the equivalent of 2.8 cars per year. The reduction would be the same as the amount of carbon sequestered by a 3.5 acre forest each year.

In conjunction with the solar system, the additional facility has been designed using a range of energy-efficient materials and systems intended to reduce energy usage.

Highly efficient pre-formed insulated concrete forms, or ICFs have been used to construct the exterior walls of the building. The ICFs feature an insulation rating of R50 to minimize potential heat loss and reduce both cooling and heating costs. The resulting heating requirements for the 12,000 square foot building are equivalent to those necessary to heat a 2,500 square foot home.

In addition, wood scraps produced during the manufacturing process will be used to operate a radiant heat system circulating throughout the facility. Remaining sawdust produced at the facility is donated to local livestock farmers for use as animal bedding.

Grothouse featured in newly-published Whole Green Catalog:
1000 Best Things for You and the Earth

Grothouse wood countertops were a featured product in the recently released book, Whole Green Catalog: 1000 Best Things for You and the Earth. The book, published by Rodale, provides advice, tips, and reviews to help readers live in an environmentally friendly manner.

Grothouse wood surfaces were called “the original green countertop,” and listed as an environmentally friendly alternative to other countertop surfaces.

Grothouse products can be constructed using FSC-Certified woods, ensuring that all materials have been sustainably harvested. All glues used in the manufacturing process are formaldehyde free and the Durata® permanent finish is Green-Guard certified and formaldehyde free. Grothouse also offers several renewable plantation-raised species, including Teak and Lyptus.

In addition to sustainable products, the Grothouse manufacturing facility has been designed to be nearly self-sufficient. All heat is generated using wood remnants created during the manufacturing process, and all remaining sawdust is donated to a local farm for use as animal bedding. Beginning in October 2009, the majority of Grothouse’s electric needs will be served through solar panels installed on the roof of a newly-constructed 12,000 square foot building.

For more information on obtaining L.E.E.D. credits with Grothouse products, please contact us at 877-268-5412.

For information on The Whole Green Catalog, please visit

Grothouse adds BLANCO sinks to product portfolio

Grothouse is pleased to announce the addition of BLANCO sinks and faucets to our product offering. This addition will serve to improve and streamline the process of countertop, faucet and sink selection.

The BLANCO name is well known for their high standards and mirrors the Grothouse commitment to quality. BLANCO is steadfastly committed to their tradition of high quality, innovative design and unsurpassed service since 1925. Dedicated to quality without compromise, every sink is closely inspected many times before it receives the BLANCO name.

Why Purchase BLANCO products through Grothouse?

  • By purchasing BLANCO products through Grothouse, you can be sure that the sink is ideally suited to your countertop and the sink cutout is done to our exacting specifications.
  • By utilizing the Grothouse buying power, BLANCO products are competitively priced and often less than most distributors.
  • Grothouse offers a higher level of customer service than many regional distributors.

For more information contact your local sales rep or call us directly at 877-268-5412.

Grothouse Wood Countertop featured in Summer 2009 edition of Beautiful Kitchens

House BeautifulA Grothouse Cherry Wood Countertop was featured in the Summer 2009 issue of edition of Beautiful Kitchens magazine as part of a feature on a Boston area kitchen design. The design included a 2 1/2″ thick Brazilian Cherry island top with undermount sink cutout and large classical bead & cove edge detail. The island, which was the centerpiece of an English-style design, measured 68″ x 118″ and featured two arcs.

Grothouse Unveils Serpentine Solid Wood Bar Tops

Germansville, Pa. (May, 2009). – Grothouse, a premier supplier of custom-built wood counters, tables and bar tops, has introduced a new serpentine solid wood bar top series. The smooth, winding curves of this bar top lend an organic feel to a traditionally geometric style.

The serpentine-shaped bars can be embellished with the Grothouse custom Chicago Bar Rail, which is shaped to follow the curves of the bar top. The curved bar tops are ideal for designers that are seeking a unique, progressive look for upscale interiors.

The bar tops can be fabricated from over 60 species of wood, and enhanced with distressing, cut-outs, or stain-matched to achieve the ideal color. The bars are sealed with Grothouse’s specially-formulated Durata® permanent finish, one of the most durable and reliable protective coatings currently available on the market today.

“Bars are traditionally very staid, and we’re hoping to satisfy customers that are seeking an alternative to the standard bar top,” explains Grothouse. “The serpentine bar top series can be custom manufactured to designer specifications and is ideal for more sophisticated settings.”

Grothouse Introduces New Laser Engraving Feature on Wood Counters and Butcherblocks

Germansville, Pa. (May, 2009). – Grothouse, a premier supplier of custom-built wood counters and bar tops, has added a new laser-engraving option to its already extensive customization offerings. The new option allows customers to have even the most intricate text or images etched into custom wood surfaces produced by Grothouse.

Clients can submit photography, digital drawings and custom text to be digitally engraved on any of the more than 60 wood species offered by Grothouse. The size and depth of the engraving can be altered to client specifications and applied to either the side profile or top of the piece. The engraving can be protected with the Original Food Safe mineral Oil finish, stained, or sealed with waterproof Durata® permanent finish by Grothouse.

“We have a commitment to providing our clients with products that enhance the exclusive nature of their designs,” explains owner Paul Grothouse. “Laser engraving is just another example of the extreme customization we offer.”

Grothouse Wood Counters debuts new booth at K/BIS 2009 in Atlanta Georgia

Germansville, Pa. (March 20, 2009). – Grothouse, a premier supplier of custom-built wood counters and bar tops, will debut a new, multi-faceted trade show display at KBIS 2009, to be held May 1-3 in Atlanta, GA. The display combines the intricate millwork and proven craftsmanship of Grothouse with the progressive vision of an award-winning kitchen designer. The space transports visitors to an environment that highlights the vast potential for wood surfaces, including counters, sinks and bars.

The booth, conceived by veteran kitchen designer Vincent Cappello of Putnam Kitchens, merges three distinct kitchen styles within a single, cohesive area. The result is a display that combines the warmth of traditional designs with the clean lines of a today’s modern interiors. From a classic bar top with integrated Chicago Bar Rail to a contemporary Zebrawood countertop, each element has been incorporated to demonstrate the many uses of wood surfaces.

Acorn Kitchens, a custom cabinet company devoted to superior craftsmanship and impeccable quality, was selected to provide all cabinetry for the booth. Each piece was selected and manufactured to complement and highlight the various styles and materials utilized throughout the booth. Each distinct section meshes seamlessly from one area to the next, integrating a wide range of colors, textures, and construction styles and providing visitors with a look at the many options that Grothouse provides.

“The concept of this booth is to fully explore the world of possibilities that are opened when you consider adding wood to any design,” explained Cappello. “Not only can it soften an interior just by nature of the material, but it can really add to the overall utility of a space, whether it’s contemporary, traditional or transitional.”

The contemporary portion of the booth features sleek stainless steel cabinets with Black Walnut wraps. The bold lines of Zebrawood have been selected for the countertop, which includes an inset cutting block with a set of knife slots that provides easy access to everyday cutlery.

An integrated Walnut sink is finished with the Durata® permanent finish by Grothouse, a high-wear finish that is completely waterproof and stain resistant. Simple open shelving units in Black Walnut appear above and below the counter space, completing the contemporary design.

Flanking the contemporary kitchen is a traditional bar area that is anything but typical. A eight-foot long serpentine Chicago Bar Rail runs on the outside of a similarly shaped bar top constructed of Sapele Mahogany. A series of carved mullions snakes across a mirrored panel behind the bar area, while an integrated LCD monitor completes the bar scene. Cherry cabinets with a classic Stateroom stain complete the décor.

Bridging the contemporary and traditional areas is an island that combines both classic and cutting-edge design elements. An edge-grain distressed cherry counter with a Wenge inlay sits atop a cherry base finished in a bold onyx stain. On one end of the island is a round teak sink with routed drainboards on either side of the faucet. On the opposite side is an end-grain teak food preparation area with a set of integrated knife slots.

“We’ve found that many of our customers only think of wood as a counter surface,” explains Paul Grothouse, owner of Grothouse. “This booth was developed from the ground up to demonstrate just how versatile wood surfaces can be, not only as a design element but also to make a space more utilitarian in nature.”

Grothouse Butcherblock featured in Midwest Living

Midwest LivingThe March edition of Midwest Living featured a butcher block checkerboard countertop as part of a feature on a vibrant, creative kitchen design. The countertop, which was paired with a painted yellow hutch, softened the stainless steel and granite used throughout the rest of the kitchen. Finished with a food-grade mineral oil, the counter could also be used for food preparation.

Grothouse Wood Countertop featured in Country Living magazine

Grothouse featured in Country Living magazineAn edge grain Burmese Teak wood countertop was included as part of a feature on interior designer Nancy Taylor’s 18th century farmhouse in Haversham, RI. The 1 1/2" thick wood countertop included an apron sink cutout and was finished in Grothhouse’s Durata permanent finish. The top, which worked seamlessly with surrounding granite counters, added a rustic element to the overall kitchen design.