Grothouse Custom Wood Butcher Block Countertop Dining Tables

Custom Wood Butcher Block Dining Tables
Design by Linda Fitzpatrick of Northshore Cabinetry

Butcher Block Dining Tables

Butcher Block Tables for dining are functional and warm, and at Grothouse they are sanded smooth for a silky tactile surface. They can be manufactured of a plethora of wood choices and patterns to create a truly unique design.

Walnut Butcher Block CountertopButcher block is End Grain Construction, and the boards are oriented vertically to create a checkerboard-like appearance. Butcher Block Dining tabletop must be a minimum of 2-1/2″ thick in order to be covered by our comprehensive lifetime warranty. The butcher block can be constructed in any thickness above the 2-1/2″ (we have made them 36″ thick). Another benefit of this construction style is the ability to make a very large table without needing seams, for a truly monolithic appearance.

Checkerboard Butcher Block Dining Tabletop
Design by Chris Brenner

We can construct butcher block dining tables with legs of the same wood or a contrasting species. Tables can also be designed to use any table base of your choice, like the one pictured above. Butcher Block Dining Tables cannot be finished with Durata® and cannot include a stain application. An added benefit of our solid wood butcher block is that it is protected with Grothouse Original Oil finish and the surface can be sanded and re-oiled to look as good as new.

Custom Wood Butcher Block Kitchen Tables
Design by Julie Cavanaugh of Design Matters

Butcher Block Kitchen Tables

For a small kitchen or apartment, Butcher Block Kitchen Tables are a genius solution. They serve triple duty as a chopping surface, additional counter space and pull up a chair and you have a casual dining table. Large kitchens can benefit from butcher block tables as the piece can be constructed as one piece with no seams, unlike granite, steel or stone, the open base avoids the island from feeling too heavy in the space. The flexibility of a kitchen table is appealing to those not wanting the construction disruption required for cabinet installation.

Custom Wood Butcher Block Tables for Kitchens
Design by Linda Fitzpatrick of Northshore Cabinetry

Table Height and Design Considerations

Since Grothouse fabricates every table custom to client specifications, give some thought to standard guidelines and balance them with your needs. The standard height for a dining table is 30″, and the length of the legs should be adjusted based on the thickness of the top. An apron that frames the bottom of the surface is commonly used to stabilize the legs and assure a secure base. For ample room when seated, allow 23″ to 30″ in width for each person. The depth of the table can vary; however, a good rule of thumb is 12″ in depth for place settings when seated.

Tables with Custom Wood Butcher Block Tops
Design by In Detail Interiors

Butcher Block Care | Grothouse Original Oil | Cleaning

Caring for butcher block surfaces is surprisingly simple. We recommend cleaning the surface with common dish detergent. The surface should be kept moisturized with Grothouse Original Oil. Most surfaces should be oiled monthly, but the frequency can vary based on the environment and use. When the wood appears dry, it is time to oil. Stains can be removed with a poultice of sea salt and lemon juice. When allowed to dry, the salt absorbs the stain and extracts it from the wood fibers. If light scratches occur, sand the surface lightly with 220 grit sandpaper and re-apply Grothouse Original Oil. Caring for a butcher block surface is simply and the ability to sand out scratches provides a worry-free surface.

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