Custom Reclaimed Chestnut Wood Countertop in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Custom Reclaimed Chestnut Wood Countertop in Pennsylvania

Custom Edge Grain Reclaimed Chestnut Wood Countertop

Custom Reclaimed Chestnut Countertop in Pittsburgh, PA

Custom Reclaimed Chestnut Countertop

Countertop Wood: Reclaimed Chestnut

Category: Countertop

Construction Style: Edge Grain

Wood Countertop Location: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Countertop Thickness: 5" thick

Size: 5" thick x 26" x 36"

Shape: Rectangle

Countertop Edge Profile: 1/4" Roundover on all horizontal edges and vertical corners

Wood Countertop Finish: Durata Finish in Matte

Wood Stain: N/A

Cabinetry Color: N/A

Kitchen Style: N/A

Designer: Kitchen and Bath Concepts of Pittsburgh

Job: 9872

Year Completed: 2014

Undermount or Overmount Sink: N/A

Countertop Options: N/A

Complimentary Countertops: N/A

Notes on interior decorating with wood countertops:
Reclaimed Chestnut is the rarest reclaimed wood. The historical aspect of the originality of the wood adds character and tells a story centuries old. Adding a Reclaimed Chestnut Wood Countertop to your home is practicing recycling at its high end finest.

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