Grothouse Wood Countertops Image Library

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Sapele Mahogany Wood Countertop in Cape May, NJ

Maple Butcher Block Countertop in California

Walnut Wood Counter in Elkton, VA

Walnut Wood Pastore Table in Powell, Ohio

Peruvian Walnut Wood Countertop in Maryland

Maple Wood Bar Top in Churchville, MD

Sapele Mahogany Wood Counter in Newtown, PA

White Oak Wood Countertop in Moorestown, NJ

Mahogany Wood Counter in Sacramento, CA

Wenge Butcher Block in Long Island, New York

Burmese Teak Raised Kitchen Bar Top in Boston, MA

Walnut Hand Planed Wood Counter in Madison, WI

Reclaimed Chestnut Wood Counter in North Carolina

Custom White Oak with Walnut Checkerboard Butcher Block NY

Peruvian Walnut Wood Countertop in Denver, CO

Cherry with Sapwood Wood Counter in Texas

Reclaimed Chestnut Vanity in Hobe Sound, FL

English Wych Elm Live Edge Wood Countertop Wisconsin

Teak Butcher Block Countertop in Savannah, GA

Burmese Teak Wood Countertop in Denver, Colorado

Peruvian Walnut Wood Countertop in Ontario, Canada

Custom Iroko Wood Countertop in Wheaton, IL

Sapele Mahogany Wood Countertop in Miami, FL

Walnut Wood Countertop in Manhasset, NY

Walnut with Sapwood Wood Counter in Delaware

American Beech Wood Countertop in San Antonio, TX

Wenge Wood Counter in New Orleans, LA

Custom Brazilian Cherry Wood Bar Top in Chester, NJ

Walnut Wood Countertop in Ontario Canada with Waterproof Durata® Finish

Mahogany Butcher Block Countertop in Chicago, IL

Wenge Wood Countertop in Oswego, Illinois

Walnut with Sapwood Butcher Block Pastore™ Countertop in IL

Burmese Teak Wood Countertop in Madison, NH

Hard Maple Wood Countertop in Princeton, New Jersey

Butcher Block Countertop of Random Mix Walnut Wenge w/ Maple Pattern in PA

Reclaimed Chestnut Pastore Waterfall Counter VA

Reclaimed Oak Wood Counters in Stockton NJ

Walnut Wood Countertop with Backsplash in NY

Custom Walnut Wood Counter in MA

Ash Wood Countertops with Dark Black Stain in Ohio