Custom Commercial Mahogany Wood Bar Tops in Pennsylvania

Sapele Mahogany Wood Bar Top

Bar Top Wood: Sapele Mahogany

Category: Commercial Bar Top

Construction Style: Flat Grain

Wood Countertop Location: Spring City, Pennsylvania

Countertop Thickness: 1-3/4"

Size: 1-3/4" thick x 25" x 196", 1-3/4" thick x 25" x 167", 1-3/4" thick x 25" x 122", 1-3/4" thick x 25" x 29"

Shape: U

Countertop Edge Profile: 3/4" Roundover on top, 1/4" Roundover on bottom and vertical corners

Wood Countertop Finish: Commercial grade waterproof Durata® Satin

Wood Stain: None

Cabinetry Color: Brown

Kitchen Style:

Designer: Wellsford Cabinetry, Inc.

Job: 4457

Year Completed: 2008

Undermount or Overmount Sink: None

Countertop Options: One Notched Cutout, Two Clipped Corners, Five Mitered Joints, One Butt Joint with Pre-Installed Hidden Hardware, 4" Routed Integrated Drink Rail around the inside edge of the bar, Grain on the corners run at a 45-Degree Angle, One Drawbridge Door which includes Pre-Installed Hinge Hardware

Complimentary Countertops: Granite

Notes on interior decorating with wood countertops:
This commercial bar was custom designed by Wellsford Cabinetry. The wood bar is the natural color with no stain, the Sapele Mahogany wood has iridescent streaks that are very appealing and provide visual interest. The wood bar is finished with Durata® Satin wood countertop finish and provides a scratch resistant and waterproof finish that will not flake or peel and can withstand the heavy use of a commercial bar.

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