Walnut Wood Half Pastore Countertop in Orlando, Florida for KBIS 2017

A Walnut Wood Half Pastore Countertop for KBIS 2017 designed by Welbourn Cabinet in USA

A Walnut Wood Half Pastore Countertop for a Modern Kitchen Design in Orlando Florida

A Walnut Wood Half Pastore Countertop Pairedwith Functional Cabinetry for a Modern Kitchen Design

Countertop Wood: Walnut with Sapwood

Category: Pastore Countertop

Construction Style: Edge Grain

Wood Countertop Location: Orlando, Florida

Countertop Thickness: 4"

Size: 30" x 41-1/2" mitered to 30" x 28-1/2"

Shape: Rectangle

Countertop Edge Profile: 1/8” Roundover on top horizontal edges, bottom horizontal edges and vertical corners

Wood Countertop Finish: Durata® Waterproof and Permanent Finish in Matte sheen

Wood Stain: Black Glaze (#04715)

Cabinetry Color: Aspire Cabinetry Line in: Gloss Marine, Matte Graphite and Cotton Pine

Kitchen Style: Modern

Designer: Wellborn Cabinet

Designer Links: Houzz | Facebook | Instagram

Job: 15374

Year Completed: 2016

Undermount or Overmount Sink: N/A

Countertop Options: Pastore™ Waterfall Countertop

Complimentary Countertops: Silestone Yukon Blanco Countertop and Starlight Granite Countertop

Notes on interior decorating with wood countertops:
Making a peninsula, the Pastore™ Table is the focal point of this design. Each side of the peninsula features push to open cabinets to store large pots and pans. The kids’ corner, located on the rear of the piece, creates a play area low to the ground for children to enjoy. Read the designers full blog here. #CustomWoodCountertops #KBIS2017 #PastoreTables

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