White Oak Counters for The Trolley Car Café at Disney’s Hollywood Studios®

White Oak Counters at Disney's Hollywood Studios®

White Oak Counters in Trolley Car Café at Disney®

Countertop Wood: White Oak

Category: Counters

Construction Style: Flat Grain

Wood Countertop Location: The Trolley Car Café at Disney's Hollywood Studios®

Countertop Thickness: 1-1/2"

Size: 33-1/8” x 153”

Shape: Rectangular

Countertop Edge Profile: 1/8" Roundover on top horizontal edges, bottom horizontal edges, and vertical corners

Wood Countertop Finish: Durata® Waterproof Permanent Finish in Satin Sheen

Wood Stain: Natural Wood – No Stain

Cabinetry Color: Black

Designer: Disney®

Job: 11502

Year Completed: 2014

Undermount or Overmount Sink: N/A

Countertop Options: N/A

Complimentary Countertops: Tan

Notes on interior decorating with wood countertops:
Our on staff engineers were ecstatic when the world class Disney Imagineers contacted Grothouse to craft White Oak countertops for Disney Hollywood Studios Starbucks. This inventive group has their finger on the pulse of the design community, as we are seeing the industry’s top trend setting designers specifying White Oak countertops for residential kitchen designs as well. See the counters in person at The Trolley Car Café located in Disney Hollywood Studios.

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