1 1/2″ Roundover Edge Profile

Inch and Half Roundover Countertop EdgesRoundovers are a very simple edge profile. A smaller roundover will maximize the visual thickness of the piece. When specifying roundovers, you must consider the top horizontal edge, the bottom horizontal edge, and the vertical corners of the piece to ensure the desired visual appearance. There are various sizes of Roundovers. The minimum required thickness of the countertop is 1-1/2″ for counters with 1/8″ roundover.

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Quick Facts 1 1/2" Roundover

  • Popular for modern and traditional kitchen styles
  • Will visually increase the thick appearance of the countertop
  • The smallest roundover offered by Grothouse
  • Requires a 1-1/2” thick countertop
  • The price for this profile is Moderate

Side Profile View

Roundover Edge Profile

Edge Grain Brazilian Cherry

Edge Grain Brazilian Cherry with Inch and Half Roundover Countertop Edges

Top Horizontal Edge:1-1/2" Roundover

Bottom Horizontal Edge:Square

Vertical Corners:Square

Flat Grain

Top Horizontal Edge: 

Bottom Horizontal Edge:

Vertical Corners:

End Grain

Top Horizontal Edge: 

Bottom Horizontal Edge:

Vertical Corners:

How To Specify Your Edge Profile

Designing Custom Edge Profiles

This photo shows how to indicate the top horizontal edge, bottom horizontal edge, and vertical corners of your countertop.

Wood Countertops Edging with 1/2 inch Round Vertical Corner1/2" Round Vertical Corner Wood Countertops Edging with Square Vertical CornerSquare Vertical Corner