Classical Cove Edge Profile

Classical Cove Countertop EdgesClassical Cove is a more elegant cove profile created by adding a notch to the top and bottom of the curve. Classical coves can be applied to the top horizontal edge or the bottom horizontal edge of a countertop. Please be sure to specify the radius of the cove desired when ordering a wood countertop. Requires a minimum thickness of 1-1/2″.

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Quick Facts Classical Cove

  • Popular for Traditional and Transitional style kitchens and bath
  • Can be placed on the top or bottom of countertop edge
  • Accents popular paneled cabinetry styles
  • Minimum countertop thickness is 1-1/2”
  • The price for this profile is Moderate

Side Profile View

Classical Cove

Edge Grain Walnut w/ Sapwood

Edge Grain Walnut with Classical Cove Countertop Edges

Top Horizontal Edge:3/4" Classical Cove

Bottom Horizontal Edge:1/8" Roundover

Vertical Corners:1/8" Roundover

Flat Grain White Oak

Flat Grain White Oak with Classical Cove Countertop Edges

Top Horizontal Edge: 3/4" Classical Cove

Bottom Horizontal Edge: Square

Vertical Corners: Square

End Grain Sapele Mahogany

Classical Cove Countertop Edge on ButcherBlock

Top Horizontal Edge:Classical Cove

Bottom Horizontal Edge:

Vertical Corners:

How To Specify Your Edge Profile

Designing Custom Edge Profiles

This photo shows how to indicate the top horizontal edge, bottom horizontal edge, and vertical corners of your countertop.

Walnut Wood Countertop with Classical Cove Edge Mahogany Butcher Block with Classical Cove Edge Wood Countertops Edge Profile with 3/4” Round Vertical Corner3/4" Round Vertical Corner Wood Countertops Edge Profile with Square Vertical CornerSquare Vertical Corner