Full Bullnose Edge Profile

Full Bullnose Countertop EdgesThe Full Bullnose edge profile creates a completely rounded edge. This profile will visually reduce the visual thickness of a countertop and when used on an end grain butcher block can provide visual interest. This profile requires a countertop with a minimum thickness of 1-1/2″. The depth of the profile will vary based on the counter thickness.

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Quick Facts Full Bullnose

  • Popular for Modern style kitchens and bath
  • Visually reduces the thickness of the countertop
  • Easy to clean
  • Minimum countertop thickness is 1-1/2”
  • The price for this profile is Moderate

Edge Grain Brazilian Cherry

Edge Grain Brazilian Cherry with Full Bullnose Countertop Edges

Top Horizontal Edge:Full Bullnose

Bottom Horizontal Edge:None

Vertical Corners:Varied

Flat Grain

Top Horizontal Edge: 

Bottom Horizontal Edge:

Vertical Corners:

End Grain

Top Horizontal Edge: 

Bottom Horizontal Edge:

Vertical Corners:

How To Specify Your Edge Profile

Designing Custom Edge Profiles

This photo shows how to indicate the top horizontal edge, bottom horizontal edge, and vertical corners of your countertop.

Wood Counter Edge with 1 1/2” Round Vertical Corner1 1/2" Round Vertical Corner Wood Countertop with Squared Vertical Corner EdgeSquare Vertical Corner Bamboo Butcher Block Countertop w/ Full Bullnose Edge