Kolossal Edge Profile

Charmant Countertop EdgesThe Kolossal edge profile was named for its astonishing appearance. The word “kolossal” in German translates to the word “colossal” in English. By definition, the word “colossal” means “of an exceptional or astonishing degree.” The Kolossal edge adds a degree of awe and wonderment to any space. The minimum required thickness of the countertop is 1-3/4″.

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Quick Facts Kolossal

  • Popular for transitional and traditional kitchen styles
  • Will visually increase the thick appearance of the countertop
  • Exclusively available at Grothouse
  • Requires a 1-3/4” thick countertop
  • The price for this profile is Moderate

Edge Grain Wenge

Wenge edge grain wood countertop with Kolossal edge

Top Horizontal Edge:Kolossal

Bottom Horizontal Edge:Kolossal

Vertical Corners:Kolossal

Flat Grain

Top Horizontal Edge: 

Bottom Horizontal Edge:

Vertical Corners:

End Grain

Top Horizontal Edge: 

Bottom Horizontal Edge:

Vertical Corners:

How To Specify Your Edge Profile

Designing Custom Edge Profiles

This photo shows how to indicate the top horizontal edge, bottom horizontal edge, and vertical corners of your countertop.

Kolossal wood counter edging with Round Vertical CornerRounded Vertical CornerKolossal wood counter edging with Square Vertical CornerSquare Vertical Corner