African Mahogany Wood Countertops, Bar Tops and Butcher Block Countertops

African MahoganyDescription: African Mahogany can be straight grain and is typically interlocked. It shows a striped figure on quartersawn surfaces. The heartwood is creamy white and yellow. The sapwood isn’t always distinct from the heartwood. It stains and polishes well, which is why African Mahogany wood countertops look beautiful in any kitchen.

Alternate Trade Names: Khaya Ivorensis, Akuk, Bandoro, Bisselon, Ogwango

Origin: Tropical areas of East, Central and West Africa

Color: Light pink-brown to deep red-brown with purple cast, creamy white to yellow

Grain: Straight grain usually interlocked

Janka Hardness: 860

African Mahogany Facts: African Mahogany usually grows to be about 110 to 140 feet (33 to 43 meters) high. The trunk has a diameter of about 6 feet (1.8 meters). It is typically used for furniture and cabinet making, but can also be used for interior joinery, boatbuilding, bank, office, and shop fittings.

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African Mahogany Wood CounterAfrican Mahogany Wood Counter

African Mahogany Wood Bar TopAfrican Mahogany, Wenge, and Walnut Mixed Wood Bar Top

African Mahogany Wood Countertops in PAAfrican Mahogany Wood Countertops