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Heart Pine Wood Counters, Butcher Block CountertopsDescription: An Antique Heart Pine Wood Countertop adds character and rarity to any room. The wood has natural warm tones that add a cozy “home sweet home” feeling. The “heart” refers to the dark streaks produced by the pine tree. Grothouse also offers a newer generation of Heart Pine. Grothouse heart pine is from dismantled antique Pennsylvania Barns, typically used in the beams.

Alternate Trade Names: Reclaimed Heart Pine

Origin: Southeast of the United States

Color: Yellow, Pumpkin

Grain: Straight, sometimes swirls

Janka Hardness: 1225

Antique Heart Pine Facts: Antique Heart Pine comes from the Long Leaf Pine Tree. When Antique Heart Pine was first discovered in our country it grew in the Southeast. Since Pine trees grow so slowly, it takes hundreds of years for Pine trees to mature fully.

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Custom Antique Heart Pine Countertop by GrothouseAntique Heart Pine Wood Countertop