Birds Eye Maple Wood Countertops, Bar Tops, Butcher Block Countertops

Birds Eye MapleDescription: Birdseye is an amazing, rare and mysterious type of figure that occurs most often in Maple. There is no scientific evidence of what caused the existence of the figure. Its divergent grain makes it beautiful and highly prized in many cultures. A Birdseye Maple Wood Countertop is sure to make your kitchen unique and significant.

Alternate Trade Names: N/A

Origin: North America

Color: Light tan to brown

Grain: Highly figured, with small round swirls that look like small “birds eyes”

Janka Hardness: 1450

Birdseye Maple Facts: Birdseye Maple is used to make private jets upfits, musical instruments, kitchen utensils, automobiles, jewelry boxes, entertainment centers, picture frames, and store fixtures. This species is very rare, please check on availability when quoting your butcher block countertop.