Bolivian Rosewood Wood Countertops, Butcher Block Countertops, and Bar Tops

Bolivian RosewoodDescription: Bolivian Rosewood is a very dense and rich colored wood. It offers a variety of colors from medium to light browns to almost black brown and purple. There is a repeated black striping. Medullary rays are often visible in sawn lumber and furniture. A Bolivian Rosewood Wood Countertop is suitable for any application, residential and commercial.

Alternate Trade Names: Morado, Santos Rosewood, Pao Ferro, Brazilian Ironwood

Origin: Bolivia, Brazil, Central and South America

Color: Red-brown, dark brown

Grain: Very dense and varied figure

Janka Hardness: 2400, 55 lbs/ft3

Bolivian Rosewood Facts: Bolivian Rosewood is used for furniture and cabinetry, but also for flooring, handgun grips, back and sides of acoustic guitars, and aircraft interior. To learn about a Bolivian Rosewood Butcher Block Countertop done by Grothouse and designed by Donna Venegas of Venegas and Company view our News. To see pictures of Bolivian Rosewood and other countertops, view our Photo Gallery.

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Bolivian Rosewood Butcher Block CountertopBolivian Rosewood Butcher Block Countertop