Hickory Wood Countertops, Bar Tops, Butcher Block Countertops

HickoryDescription: Hickory Wood Countertops are the “Hercules” of wood countertops because Hickory is the hardest, strongest and heaviest of American wood. It’s grain can be wavy or irregular. Because of this, care must be taken when making wood countertops to assure they do not warp.

Alternate Trade Names: Pecan Hickory

Origin: North America

Color: Light to medium brown

Grain: Wavy or irregular

Janka Hardness: 1820

Hickory Facts: About 50 million years ago, Hickory survived the Glacial Epoch, making it the first American hardwood species. The Hickory tree can grow to be about 60 to 120 feet high. Hickory was used by the Wright Brothers for their airplanes. Pioneers used hickory for their wagon wheels. Sawdust and chips from hickory can be used for flavoring while smoking meat.