Padauk Wood Countertops, Bar Tops, Butcher block countertops

PadaukDescription: Padauk has a fine medium texture with a natural sheen. It has medium stiffness and high resistance to abrasion. It is very durable. Padauk wood countertops can be brought to an excellent finish.

Alternate Trade Names: African Padauk, African Coralwood, Barwood, Bosulu, Camwood, Corail, Mbe, Mututi, Ngula

Origin: Tropical West and Central Africa

Color: Red-orange, bright red, coral-pink with dark streaks, can darken to be red or purple-brown or black.

Grain: Can be straight grained or interlocked grain

Janka Hardness: 1725

Padauk Facts: Padauk typically grows to be about 100 to 130 feet high (30 to 40 meters high) and have a trunk with a diameter of 2 to 4 feet (0.6 to 1.2 meters) or wider. It can last in contact with the ground for 25 years or more. Its leaves are edible and have large amounts of vitamin C. Extracts from the bark are used in herbal medicine to treat skin parasites and fungal infections. Padauk is highly valued for the making of drums in Africa because of its tonal resonance. Other uses for padauk are office furniture, heavy duty flooring, tool handles, knife handles, shuttles, sporting goods, and joinery.