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Reclaimed Oak Wood CountertopsDescription: Reclaimed Oak Wood Countertops have an extremely unique character that comes from the wood being weathered for hundreds of years. This look is nearly impossible to reproduce. Using Reclaimed Oak for your countertop is an environmental contribution because it is a recycled material. By using recycled wood you help preserve our Earth’s wonderful natural resources. Grothouse reclaimed oak is from dismantled antique Pennsylvania Barns.

Alternate Trade Names: Antique Oak

Origin: Eastern Canada and USA

Color: Light tan, light brown, pale yellow-brown to dark or pale brown

Grain: Straight

Janka Hardness: 1360

Reclaimed Oak Facts: The reclaimed oak used by Grothouse is predominantly from antique Pennsylvania barns. Reclaimed Barn Wood flooring and siding provides the most heavily distressed appearance for wood counters.

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Reclaimed Oak Wood CountertopsReclaimed Oak Wood Countertop

Reclaimed Oak CounterReclaimed Oak Wood Countertop