Red Oak Wood Countertops, bar tops, butcher block countertops

Red OakDescription: Red Oak is a very popular and common wood for furniture, cabinets, and millwork in many homes. Its grain is heavy but typically straight and open. Red Oak works well with machine and hand tools. Its appearance is similar to that of white oak, but has smaller medullary rays. Red Oak Wood Countertops are available FSC certified.

Alternate Trade Names: Northern Red Oak, American Red Oak, Canadian Red Oak, Grey Oak, Southern Red Oak, Black Oak

Origin: Eastern Canada and USA

Color: Red-brown

Grain: Heavy, straight, and open

Janka Hardness: 1290

Red Oak Facts: It grows to be about 60 to 90 feet in height (18 to 27 meters). The trunk has a diameter of about 3 feet (1 meter). According to the USDA, the Red Oak tree can live up to 500 years old. It is the state tree of New Jersey. Red Oak is typically used to make furniture and cabinets. It can also be used for boatbuilding, organ pipes, vehicle construction, railroad ties, and flooring.