Wood Countertops with Sinks

Custom Wood Countertops with Sinks
Design by Studio Dearborn for House Beautiful Whole Home Concept House 2020| Photography by Emily Minton Redfield

Wood countertops with sinks are often questioned, can you use an undermount sink with wood countertops is the most common question asked. At Grothouse, we manufacture wood countertops with undermount and overmount sinks with no problems.

Wood Countertop with undermount sink

All our wood countertops with sinks are covered under our comprehensive lifetime warranty. Grothouse uses proprietary methods to seal around sinks that ensures a lifetime of use.

Wood Countertops with Sinks – Designing

Designing wood countertops with sinks is no different than designing with any other countertop surface. Our Durata® finish is commonly used to ensure a waterproof surface and when using Durata®, we prefer to handle all the faucet hole cut outs to ensure they are sealed with our exclusive finish. By having Grothouse handle all the surface cut outs, there is no worry of damage to the wood countertop in the event of a faucet leak when sealed with Durata®.

Custom Wood Countertops with Undermount Sinks
Design by Bunker Workshop | Photography by Matt Delphenich

Wood Countertop of Walnut with sinkCountertops with our Grothouse Original oil finish can have a sink as we ensure an invisible sealer is applied to the sink opening to protect from water. Countertops with Grothouse Original Oil finish should not be exposed to standing water and drips should be promptly dried.

It is imperative that our installation instructions are followed to provide a lifetime of use. Our installation instructions arrive with every shipment. Please feel free to contact us with any questions regarding proper installation of your Grothouse countertop.

Kitchen Sinks in Wood Countertops
Design by Sarah Kahn Turner of Jennifer Gilmer Kitchen & Bath

Wood Countertops with Undermount Sinks

Wood countertops with undermount sinks are our preferred method of using a wood countertop with a sink. We do recommend the sink opening begin no less than 3″ from the countertop edge. Undermount or farmhouse style sinks can be cut out using the factory supplied template or dxf drawings. Careful attention is paid to ensure the placement is proper for wood countertops with sinks.

Bathroom Sink in a Wood Countertop
Design by Eva Andersen of Teakwood Builders

Wood Countertops with Integral Sinks

Grothouse also manufactures wood countertops with integral sinks. Integral sinks are created when the sink is partially carved into the countertop surface. They are custom designed to the clients’ specifications.

Custom Wood Countertops with Integral Sinks

The integral sink pictured was designed with a wall mount faucet. The counter was sloped for the water to drain into a rectangular sink drain at the base. This counter was finished with Durata® Satin Finish to ensure a waterproof seal. Durata® is also available in Matte for a more organic appearance.

Waterproof Wood Countertops with Sinks
Design by Pine Street Carpenters, Inc. | Photography by John Welsh

The photos above show an assortment of wood countertops with sinks. See our photo gallery to view additional examples of wood countertops with sinks. If you are ready to get an estimate, click here to request a wood countertop with sink quote.