Wood Bar Tops

Custom Wood Bar Tops for Residential and Commercial Applications
Design by Roberta Wilson of Design Matters | Kalen Glenn Photography

From fine commercial locations to the most discerning home interiors, Grothouse supplies some of the most unique and well-crafted bar tops currently available on the market today. Whether you strive to achieve a classic look with hand-crafted Chicago Bar Rail or a more contemporary serving area using exotic woods, our bar top designs are limited only by your imagination.

Custom wood bar tops from Grothouse

Design Considerations

At Grothouse, each bar top is custom constructed to your specifications. When designing your bar, there are several generally accepted guidelines that can help you ensure that the finished product will meet your expectations:

Chicago Bar Rail

Chicago Bar Rail by Grothouse is the perfect final touch to your commercial or residential bar top. Available pre-installed as part of a custom bar or separately for installation on your existing bar top, the bar rail’s gently shaped profile adds a classic tavern feel to the bar while keeping spills contained on the bar top.

Chicago Bar Rail Wood Bar Tops

All bar rail is hand-crafted in any of our stock species and can be stained and finished upon request to match existing decor. Mitered and radial corners are available to accommodate any potential design. Our Chicago Bar Rail is 3 1/8″ total height and 5 3/16″ deep. Once attached to the bar top, the profile rises 1 5/8″ above the bar top. Below are several examples of our bar rail. You can also view a PDF rendering of the bar rail profile.

Mitered Chicago Bar Rail
Mitered corner with Chicago Bar Rail
Mitered Chicago Bar Rail with Rounded corner
Rounded Corner with Chicago Bar Rail
Mitered Chicago Bar Rail for Residential Bar
Residential Bar with Chicago Bar Rail

Below are a listing of some of the options that can be used to create the perfect bar top.

Custom wood bar Drink Rail

Drink Rail

To protect the rear of the bar from spills and provide a suitable space to set glasses and other materials, Grothouse can manufacture an integrated, recessed drink rail. Our standard drink rail is 3/4″ deep and 4″ wide but can be customized upon request.

Drawbridge Doors

To provide access to the bar back, Grothouse can construct integrated drawbridge doors with pre-installed hinge hardware. While in the closed position, these areas are suitable for use by patrons or servers. In the open position, servers have direct access to the bar back / server side of the bar.

Chicago Bar Rail

Chicago Bar Rail

Our Chicago Bar Rail is the perfect option to achieve that old-world, tavern feel on a bar top. The gently-shaped profile on the front is ideal for resting weary forearms, and the rear lip keeps spilled beverages on the bar and not in patrons’ laps. All bar rail is hand-crafted in the same wood used to construct your bar and arrives pre-installed and ready to use. Grothouse can also provide curved bar rail to accommodate nearly any bar design.

Click on the image below to see detailed size specifications of our applied bar rail

Chicago Bar Rail