Exclusive Solid Wood Products by Grothouse

Grothouse offers a variety of Exclusive Products created to enhance the appearance, function, and overall quality of Grothouse Wood Surfaces for your upmost convenience. All solid wood products by Grothouse are custom made for your design.

Durata® Waterproof Wood Finish

Wood Countertops for Durata® Finish Exclusively at GrothouseDurata® Wood Countertop Finish is exclusively available at Grothouse and is only available for purchase on a Grothouse countertop surface. Durata® is a permanent finish that is completely waterproof and chemical proof after 30 days. It is FDA approved for indirect exposure, like kneading dough. It is also Greenguard certified. The finish is not affected by Lacquer thinner, Ammonia, Red Wine, Vinegar, Oil, Ketchup, Mustard, Bleach, or Soaps.
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Anvil™ Metal Countertops

Anvil Metal gilded wood Countertops by GrothouseThe Anvil™ line of metal gilded wood surfaces imitate metal countertops in look and function. Available in 8 metal coatings, Anvil™ metal countertops by Grothouse have no limitations in design.
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Butcher Block Kitchen Work Table

Butcher Block Work Table Exclusively Available at GrothouseThe Butcher Block Work Table was inspired by our featured piece in House Beautiful magazine for “Kitchen of the Year 2011” designed by Tyler Florence. The table provides your kitchen with a warm, contemporary feel and includes many features for your upmost convenience. Four drawers for convenient storage, an integrated knife slot provides an area to put an assortment of knives, rolling casters allow the table to be positioned anywhere in your kitchen and magnets are installed in the back for attachment to the desired place for the butcher block table, such as your kitchen island.
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Synthesis™ Bar Rail

Synthesis Bar Rail for Wood Bar Top Exclusively at GrothousePaul Grothouse engineered the Synthesis™ Bar Rail by developing methods that permit the bar rail to be carved from the same solid wood piece as the bar surface. These features create a more substantial bar rail that is easy to clean.
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Patent Pending

Prestige™ Chef’s Box

Prestige Chef Box Wood Cutting Boards Exclusive at GrothouseThe Butcher Block Prestige Chef’s Box™ is a classically designed cutting and serving board storage system only available at Grothouse. It is designed to fill all of your kitchen food preparation, cutting, chopping and food presentation needs.
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Custom Wood Stair Treads

Custom Wood Stair Treads Handcrafted and Manufactured by Grothouse Inc and Available with Worldwide ShippingOur team of engineers and skilled craftsmen fashion each custom tread to exact specifications to execute a flawless layout. Wood stair treads add a beautiful finished work of art to your home.
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Custom Floating Shelves

Custom Floating Shelves for House Beautiful Whole Home Concept HouseWith this new product offering, Grothouse expanded the capabilities of floating shelf systems. Our shelves are available in all species, finishes and construction styles currently offered by Grothouse.
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Saxon Wood™ Counters and Butcher Blocks

Saxon Wood™ Counters Exclusively Available at GrothouseSaxon Wood™ is the first of a series of specially curated woods, hand selected and sourced by Paul Grothouse. Saxon Wood™ has been chosen for its stunning visual appeal and unique appearance. Saxon Wood™ Counters, Bar Tops, and Butcher Blocks are exclusively available at Grothouse.
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Kensington™ Wood Counters and Butcher Blocks

Kensington Wood Countertops and Butcher Blocks Custom MadeKensington™ Wood is the second in a series of specially curated woods, hand selected and sourced by Grothouse. Kensington™ Wood has been chosen for its striking visual appeal and lustrous finish. Kensington™ Wood countertops, bar tops, and butcher blocks are exclusively available at Grothouse.
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Wood Countertop Integrated Bowls

Integrated Bowls in Wood Counters Exclusive at GrothouseIntegrated Bowls in Wood Countertops or Butcher Blocks are custom carved to client specifications. Integrated Bowls are used to fruit or eggs from rolling off the countertop. They can also be used for a decorative touch. Integrated bowls can also be crafted into a sink when sealed with Durata® waterproof wood countertop finish.
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Pastore™ Countertops and Tables

Pastore Waterfall Wood Counter Exclusive at GrothouseGrothouse Solid Wood Pastore™ Tables are the latest design trend in luxury homes. This style is made up of a solid wood countertop that is mitered to solid waterfall legs, creating the appearance of a continuous surface.
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