Wood Countertops with Engraving

Designing Wood Countertops with Laser Engraving

When designing a wood countertop or butcher block with laser engraving, it is important to consider the size you would like the verbiage or image to be. The machine used to Laser Engrave wood countertops does have some inherent size limitations. Your particular application will be discussed with a Grothouse team member when ordering your wood surface. Font type is also important to consider. All construction styles are acceptable for Laser Engraving. The wood surface can be sealed with our Durata® Permanent Finish or Grothouse Original Oil Finish.

Oak Wood Countertop with Laser Engraving

Pictured is a White Oak Wood Countertop Laser Engraved with The Grothouse Lumber Company logo and text.

Wood Countertop with Laser Engraved DesignBrittany Lanzone of RAE Design Group designed this Walnut Table. The client chose to have a family tattoo of everyone’s initials in the corner of the top. This is a perfect example to show how you can personalize any wood countertop with laser engraving.

View our Image Library to see more wood countertops and butcher blocks with laser engraving.

Designing Wood Countertops with Engraving

Grothouse offers laser engraving as an option for any wood countertop or butcher block surface. This feature allows you to truly customize your designs. The wood is vaporized away creating an indented engraving, or embossing, with unparalleled sharpness and crispness. Many clients have used Laser Engraved Cutting Boards as gifts. Anything can be engraved – from images to logos, even designs. The possibilities are endless.

Laser Engraved Wood Cutting Board by Grothouse Pictured above is a personalized cutting board designed by Beatty Lumber, Inc.

Oak Wood Countertop with Laser Engraving Above is a Walnut Wood Counter with Hand Planed Distressing. Engraved is “The Grothouse Lumber Company” and the Grothouse GL Logo.