Custom Butcher Block Island Countertops for Kitchens by Grothouse

Custom Butcher Block Island Countertops for Kitchens
Design by Venegas and Company, Boston for This Old House® Cape Ann Project | Photography credit Jared Kuzia

Butcher Block Island Countertops are very popular for kitchens. This page explains the pros of butcher block island countertops. This section describes butcher block islands made in End Grain Construction. Butcher Blocks are finished with Grothouse Original Oil. They are not available to be finished with Durata® and cannot be stained. For a countertop that can include stain and be finished with Durata®, see countertops made in Flat Grain or Edge Grain Construction.

Large Butcher Block Island Countertop

Butcher Block Kitchen Island Countertops

They provide a functional work surface and unlike stone slabs, can be made any size without unsightly seams required with many slab items like granite or marble. Butcher Block Islands become the center piece of the kitchen and are safe to use with sinks and stoves. They provide a warm organic workspace and can be designed with any shape or pattern.

Custom Butcher Block Island Countertops for Kitchen Seating
Design by Julie Cavanaugh of Design Matters

Refinishing and Removing Stains and Cleaning Butcher Block

At Grothouse, our butcher blocks are finished with Grothouse Original Oil. It is so safe to use, you can drink it. To clean butcher block, simply wash the surface with anti-bacterial dish detergent and rinse with a clean cloth.

Custom Kitchen Island End Butcher Block Countertop
Design by Stonington Cabinetry & Designs

To remove stains, like red wine (we even had a client state this method worked on a stain from WD-40 lubricant) take a half a lemon, rub it on the stain and then pour sea salt over the lemon juice to create a poultice. Ensure the salt and lemon juice are well combined and let this sit overnight on the stain. The salt will draw the stain into the salt crystals. Simply clean the poultice from the butcher block and voila!

If a butcher block surface has developed scratches from years of use, sand the top starting with 50 grit and increasing in stages, ending with 100 grit sandpaper. Clean the top and apply Grothouse Original Oil to the newly sanded surface.

Thick Wood Butcher Block Kitchen Island Countertop
Design by David M. Berg | Cabinetry by Cooley Custom Cabinetry

Eliminate the Need for Cutting Boards and Chopping Blocks

Butcher Block Island tops create a large surface that can be used for direct chopping. This is a wonderful feature if you have cooking parties and need space for groups of chopping chefs or simply have a large family that loves to cook. The care is simple as described above and eliminates the need for storing multiple cutting boards. In addition, if you incorporate a waste hole with a compost bin underneath, clean-up is a breeze.

Kitchen Island with Two Butcher Block Countertops
Design by Thomas Holton – Classic Kitchens of Virginia

Butcher Block Countertops are tactile and warm to the touch

We love to touch wood and cannot resist caressing a carefully sanded silky butcher block. At Grothouse, we are frequently complimented on how our butcher blocks are so smooth to the touch. Wood is inviting to touch, visually beautiful and instantly pleases our sense of sight and touch.

Large Wood Butcher Block Island Countertop
Design by Karen Swanson of New England Design Works

In addition, it is warm to the touch. The thermal diffusivity of wood is much lower than that of other materials like steel, concrete and stone. For this reason, wood does not feel extremely hot or cold to the touch as do some other materials, making a butcher block island an inviting surface to sit at on a cold winter morning.

Kitchen Cart with a Wood Butcher Block Countertop

Kitchen Carts as Butcher Block Islands

Small kitchens really need products that can serve multiple purposes. A custom-made butcher block kitchen cart can be the answer for a small kitchen that needs casual seating for two, a chopping surface and additional counter space. By adding drawers, additional storage is created. This is also a great solution for serving the Thanksgiving Turkey tableside. A kitchen cart on wheels can be rolled to the dining table, allowing the turkey to be carved tableside without taking up precious space on the dining table.