Wood Countertops with Drainboards

Custom Wood Countertops with Drainboards into an Undermount Sink
Design by Studio Dearborn for House Beautiful Whole Home Concept House 2020 | Photography by Emily Minton Redfield

Wood countertops with drainboards are a feature that is often requested for a working kitchen. Drainboards are most popular on flat grain and edge grain style countertops. Many homeowners question if there are problems with wood countertops around water. Our Durata® permanent finish assures a waterproof seal. Durata® is available in Satin or Matte sheens. Custom or stock stains can be applied to the countertop if desired. Our wood countertops with drainboards ship in two to three weeks and arrive with a lifetime warranty.

Wood Countertop with drainboards

Designing Wood Countertops with Drainboards

Wood countertops with drainboards are custom made to your specifications at Grothouse. The drainboard can be placed on one or both sides of the sink. The width of the drainboard varies based on the overall design. The drainboard channels are sloped so that the water will drain off naturally. The photograph of the countertop with drainboards (to the right) demonstrates the sloping of the channels. The photograph of the Walnut wood countertop above features a sloped countertop in which the drainboard is carved. The sloping of a drainboard is an important feature.

Wood Countertop in a Butlers Pantry with Drainboards and an Undermount Sink
Design by Steven Miller for 2014 House Beautiful Kitchen of the Year

Many manufacturers simply route horizontal channels into countertops that do not facilitate proper drainage. Our Durata® finish is required with all drainboards. This assures a waterproof finish that permanently protects the wood. Durata Matte finish provides an organic appearance to the wood as it looks very much like a natural oil finish. Durata® in Satin appears like a satin furniture finish. No ongoing maintenance is required with Durata® permanent finish. Clean with dish detergent or any common household cleaner.

Wood Countertop with drainboard

See our photo gallery to view additional photographs for design inspiration. If you are ready to get an estimate, click here to request a quote.

Drainboards in a Wood Kitchen Countertop with an Undermount Sink
Photography by Emily Minton Redfield