Wood Countertops with Trash Holes

Wood countertops with trash holes increase the functionality of your kitchen. Countertops with this feature are typically used for direct chopping. The food scraps are quickly swiped into the hole for efficient food preparation. The holes can be crafted with a custom lid if desired. Grothouse offers custom made steel lids as pictured or flush mount lids with flip up handles. We can also craft a lid of wood if you desire. The size and shape of the hole can vary based on your intended use. This element of customization can add a decorative flair to your well-organized work space.

Photo of a Butcher Block with a Trash HoleCustom Butcher Block Countertop with Trash Hole Photo

Designing Wood Countertops with Trash Holes

Designing wood countertops with trash holes is fairly simple, however requires special attention to be paid to the exact placement of the hole to ensure it functions as desired. The best method is to draw the countertop and mark the length and width dimensions that include the overhangs. Draw another box inside the drawing, indicating the dimensions and placement of the cabinetry below. Mark the placement of the trash or compost bin that will be placed inside the cabinet. That will help you determine the correct placement for the wood countertop opening. The trash holes can also be lined with metal or designed to hold a self contained bin that rests on the lip of the countertop.

Wood Countertops with Trash Holes for Composting

Butcher Block Countertop with a Trash Hole for Composting

The photo to the left demonstrates how the cabinetry below can be designed to serve double duty. Below the wood countertop, the trash hole opens to a drawer containing a rectangular stainless steel tray to collect vegetable scraps. The drawer can be designed to slide forward or backward as desired. The drawer below this tray contains two trash bins on drawer slides. This design permits you to select if the trash hole collects vegetable scrap, or meat scraps that can be collected in the trash bins below. Wood countertops with trash holes for composting are a wonderful feature to add to your kitchen design. We have a wonderful video that demonstrates this feature Wood Countertop with Trash Hole. The kitchen in this video was designed by Blue Bell Kitchens and the cabinetry was crafted by Quality Custom.

See our photo gallery to view additional photographs for design inspiration. If you are ready to get an estimate, click here to request a quote.