Wood Countertop | Wood Bar Top Stock Stain

We offer over 40 stock stains and continue to add to our stock stains and glazes based on current trends and customer requests. Our Durata® finish will be required with all stains. Stain application is available for wood surfaces made in Flat Grain Construction and Edge Grain Construction. Wood surfaces made in End Grain Construction cannot include a stain application. Please contact us if you have any questions about our stock stains and glazes.

Click on any wood specie to view stock stain examples

Mahogany Wood CountertopAfrican Mahogany

Ash Wood CountertopAsh

Cherry Wood CountertopCherry

Iroko Wood CountertopIroko

Lyptus Wood CountertopLyptus

Maple Wood CountertopMaple

Pine Wood CountertopPine

Mahogany Wood CountertopSantos Mahogany

Mahogany Wood CountertopSapele Mahogany

Teak Wood CountertopTeak

Walnut Wood CountertopWalnut

Oak Wood CountertopWhite Oak

Zebrawood Wood CountertopZebrawood