Custom Wood Kitchen Countertops Design

Custom Wood Kitchen Countertops Design by Grothouse
Lisa Brosius of Boxwood Design

Wood Kitchen Countertops provide a functional, warm work area in the kitchen. A popular look is to use white cabinetry with a rich wood countertop to provide a rich and classic accent. Designing countertops with sinks is common at Grothouse; we have proprietary methods to ensure the opening is sealed, regardless of the finish used on the counter. All Grothouse wood kitchen countertops are covered under our lifetime warranty.

Walnut Wood Kitchen Countertops in Philadelphia

Wood Kitchen Countertops | Construction Styles

Wood Kitchen Countertops are constructed in flat grain (plank style) or edge grain (strips).

Designs with Wood Kitchen Countertops by Grothouse
Design by Studio Dearborn for House Beautiful Whole Home Concept House 2020 | Photography by Emily Minton Redfield

The flat grain construction highlights the grain of the wood. The planks can vary in width from 4″ wide to 14″ wide and are hand selected to be the most uniform in appearance.

Kitchen Island Designs with Wood Counters by Grothouse
Design by Kitchenscapes

Edge grain highlights the color of the wood countertop and is often used as a chopping surface as well. Edge Grain countertops are boards set on the side and glued together. The individual boards are roughly 1-3/4″ wide providing a striped appearance.

Wood Kitchen Countertops | Finish

Kitchen wood countertops of Flat Grain construction are typically finished with our Durata® permanent finish. Staining the wood countertop to match cabinetry or flooring is also available. See our stock stain information for further details on our stock stain selection. We can also provide a laboratory stain match for your wood kitchen countertops; just provide a sample for us to match.

Stained Wood Kitchen Counters by Grothouse
Design by Dee David & Co., LLC

Durata is safe for rolling dough or preparing food but should not be cut on directly as this will compromise the waterproof characteristics.
When using a wood countertop for direct chopping, we recommend Grothouse Original Oil to protect the wood. It is hypoallergenic and so safe you can drink it.

Wood Kitchen Countertops | Pricing

Pricing for Wood Kitchen Countertops by Grothouse
Design by Jillian Clark – Kitchen Studio of Monterey Peninsula, Inc.

Wood countertop pricing will vary greatly depending upon the construction style, wood, and finish choice. An example of entry level wood countertop pricing would include Ash edge grain with Grothouse Original Oil finish. A higher priced wood choice would be Flat grain Zebrawood with Durata finish. Request a quote here and receive an estimate within 24 hours.